· How does it work?

Video&Shop allows you to transform your existing videos into interactive videos with our web platform. Tag all the elements that appear in the video and link them wherever you want!

· What are the benefits?

Interactive videos have been proved to notably increase the engagement of the audience. Viewers pay more attention to the content, remember more about you and they are more likely to share their experience.

You will be able to increase the incomes from your videos and offer a more enjoyable experience for your viewers! It can also allow you to redirect your audience to the websites of your choice (blog, social networks, e-commerce...). There are endless possibilities with our tag types!

· What are the requirements?

There are no minimum requirements! No credit cards, no long-term contracts, no obligations. You just need the video url to start editing the video with our platform.

· How do I start?

Sign up and start using the application, it’s free!

· How much does it cost?

Free account is absolutely free. We also offer paid plans for advanced usage. Check them out here!

· How will I earn money?

By including products from our affiliated network, with more than 500 million products from 35 categories, you will earn a commission with each sale. A priori, It’s difficult to say how much you can earn, because it depends on the sector, location, the products shown, types of video and user conversions. The easiest way is to try with some of your videos and check how your audience behave. Keep in mind that this technology will not affect any other source of income, therefore, you can only have benefits.

Our experience with online e-commerces shows a CTR increase from 1% to 4.5%. Viewers are more likely to end up buying the products.

· How will I get paid?

We send the payments via Paypal once you have a minimum of 50€ in your account.

· What do I get from paid plans?

Our paid plans support custom links (you can link to any webpage), longer videos, allows for more quantity of interactive videos at a time, premium support and other advanced features like automatic object tracking or custom player themes.

Do you want to test it for free? Just Contact Us and we will gladly upgrade your account with a free month trial.

· Does it work in the Youtube website?

No, our technology can’t work in Youtube’s own website. It works when they are seen in other websites, like your blog or in any Social Networks.

· What video sources are allowed?

You can use links from Youtube, Vimeo or direct links to the video source file (.mp4).

· What kind of links can i use in my tags?

With our basic accounts you will be able to link products from our affiliation network, with higher plans, you can link anywhere you want! Check our plans table here.

· Where are videos hosted?

If the video source is from Youtube it will still be hosted by them. Other sources will be hosted by us.

· In which platforms does it work?

Our player is done in HTML5, therefore it will work with most of the modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox..)

· Who will be able to see my videos?

Videos imported are private by default. You have to place the <iframe> code in the desired place and you are good to go.. You can also make them appear in our Gallery by making the video public from the settings menu.

You can also link your viewers from social networks to our public site!

· I still have some questions...

Just Contact Us! We will gladly help :)